Translational drug discovery

Novel, primarily small molecule, agents have been developed at Leeds to modulate disease pathways in multiple therapeutic areas.

Many of the therapeutics, which are active against targets identified at Leeds, originated with the Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology (MCCB) Technology Group at the University.

The MCCB group provides a comprehensive and integrated medicinal chemistry, high-throughput screening, and molecular modelling capability for the identification of novel small molecule therapeutics and probes.

A primary aim of the group is to pump-prime projects via the provision of suitable resources such that projects are suitable to go forward for major external grant funding involving the MCCB group as a collaborator.

Examples of therapeutic areas under investigation

Virology research at the University aims to understand the molecular basis of replication and pathogenesis of important human and animal viruses to understand how these viruses cause disease. Recently this has included the pursuit of new strategies for the prevention and therapy of viral infections, which exploits a number of approaches including structure based drug design as a rational approach to the development of novel antiviral therapeutics.
The Leeds Institute of Cancer and Pathology (LICAP) brings together scientists and clinicians to focus on excellence in science and the translation of that science to the benefit of patients. LICAP’s research activity includes basic research but is heavily focused towards applied and clinical research in cancer and pathology.
Leeds' Multidisciplinary Cardiovascular Research Centre (MCRC) is an ambitious strategy for discovering causes and treatments of heart disease. MCRC's mission is to advance understanding of cardiovascular disease and thereby improve human life. One focus through which this is achieved is the use of engineering and other fundamental disciplines to find innovative approaches for cardiovascular diagnosis and protection.

Translational funding for drug discovery research

1. Have target of interest, no compounds Development pathway 1, Funding Links #1
2. Have target of interest & compounds but willing to explore more Development pathway 2, Funding Links #2
3. Have target of interest & compounds/series to develop. No interest in other compounds. Development pathway 3, Funding Links #3
4. Non small-molecule project Development pathway 4, Funding Links #4