Ion channels research

Leeds has a reputation for strength in ion channel research for over 20 years. The has led to a depth of expertise enabling the generation of established ion channel reagents, but also the development of emerging, novel channels targets.

Ion channels are a major target for drug development by the pharmaceutical industry in their quest for effective therapies in a plethora of diseases, from cardiovascular to neurodegenerative diseases, cancer, and pain relief: non-communicable diseases which have the greatest socioeconomic impact worldwide.

Applied research

The research carried out within Ion Channels @ Leeds can be applied to multiple disease areas: cardiovascular, pain, diabetes, neurodegeneration, and virology. Our research focusses on understanding normal human functioning and the mechanisms of disease. More recently, we have been interested in generating novel biological and chemical tools to probe ion channel function and develop new therapeutic approaches.

Within our multidisciplinary research laboratories our work on ion channels ranges from molecular structure to whole organism function and pharmacology. We are equipped with automated planar electrophysiology and fluorescence plate readers as well as conventional platforms such as patch clamp electrophysiology, confocal and TIRF microscopy for more detailed studies. We have previously worked with industry in various collaborative research projects, pharmacological characterization of new chemical entities, and have provided expert advice.

Our translational research is enhanced by our involvement and collaborations with the Biomedical Health Research Centre, the Multidisciplinary Cardiovascular Research Centre, the Astbury Centre, and NeuR@l.

Ion Channels @ Leeds Researchers

  • Stephen MuenchStructure, function and molecular mechanism of the vacuolar ATPase
  • David Beech  Ion channels in vascular disease
  • Rao Sivaprasadarao  Ion channels: structure and cell biology
  • Jon Lippiat Molecular properties and pharmacology of ion channels and transporters
  • Nikita Gamper  Ion channels in sensory neurones and modulation in pain
  • Lin-Hua Jiang  Molecular mechanisms of ion channels and roles in disease states
  • Chris Peers  Roles and therapeutic potential of biologically active gases
  • Hugh Pearson  Voltage gated ion channels and Alzheimer’s disease
  • Ian Wood Regulation of expression of ion channel genes in neuronal disorders
  • Jamel Mankouri Host cell ion channel function as a novel target during virus infection
  • Robin Bon  Chemical biology and medicinal chemistry

Training & Development

We offer Leeds Ion Channel Workshop and customised training programmes to industrial research centres. Find out more.