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For Academics

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology expertise is available through a network of academics, researchers and health professionals.

If you are an academic looking for sources of funding, support for the grant application process or access to industry, we can support in various ways. You may even be aiming to collaborate with other academics or disciplines – and we can support here, too.

Development support

  • Support for large grant applications: if you are planning a multi-PI, >£1 million grant application assistance can be provided to help scope the opportunity, draft required agreements, provide innovation and commercialisation plans and pathways to impact activities.
  • Funding horizon scanning: support is available to help identify appropriate funding schemes to develop research ideas.
  • Translational funding: we can help access internal and external translational funding, such as proof of concept funding, to translate research.
  • Financial support for collaboration: funds are available for travel to conferences and external organisations that may lead to collaboration opportunities.

From research concept to commercialisation: funding landscape

A bridge to industry: with strong links to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector, we can identify organisations that can benefit from the research you are carrying out, and connect you with them. This can ensure that the research you are undertaking has the greatest relevance for the sector, and the strongest potential for translation.

Commercialisation: we can work with you to identify the best route to exploit intellectual property generated at Leeds, to align with the sector. We will provide support through the various stages of the commercialisation process.

Access to industry

  • Provide a gateway to a network of companies
  • Build on existing collaborations
  • Identify potential partners
  • Organise events to bring researchers into contact with industry

Access to funding

  • Identify funding opportunities (e.g. RCUK, TSB, Wellcome Trust, charities, translational research money
  • Support grant applications
  • Support access to Proof of Concept funding