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For Companies

As a mechanism to improve innovation, partnerships between academia and companies are playing an increasingly important role.

The Astbury Centre for Molecular Biology epitomises Leeds' interdisciplinary approach. It brings together more than 300 researchers at the interface between physical and biological sciences. Leeds has also developed capabilities to help translate research from the laboratory to the clinic. Two technology groups, the Medicinal Chemistry & Chemical Biology and BioScreening groups, pump-prime research to facilitate the progression of basic science into clinical applications.

Leeds has been consistently successful in attracting funding in the pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals arena. We work closely with organisations to access available funding to support research in that field. Currently our researchers are engaged in collaborative projects with the sector valued at over £6M.

Access our expertise

  • Collaborating on research
    Although the primary focus of our research is on protein-protein interactions, targeted molecular delivery and biopharmaceutical aggregation, we have researchers who are engaged in a wide variety of other fields. Many organisations partner with us on innovative research, accessing our intellectual property, expertise and knowhow. We have a strong track record in securing research funding.
  • Consultancy
    Drawing on our expertise in pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals, we work with organisations on specific issues. If you are looking to bring high quality thinking to bear on a specific issue you are facing, please get in touch at
  • Studentships
    Many organisations choose collaborate on PhD studentship projects to address a specific challenge. This is an extremely cost-effective way to carry out original research in a particular area.
  • Contract research
    You can engage one or more of our academics to conduct research on your behalf.

Our partners

We have had recent successful partnerships with over 30 companies from the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector – ranging from large pharmaceutical companies to instrument manufacturers.

To discuss your requirements, or for more information on any of these areas, contact us: